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Vaastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture man-made structures. A part of the Vedas, the word ‘Vaastu’ in Sanskrit means ‘dwelling’, and in the modern context it covers all buildings. Vaastu pertains to the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the built environment, in consonance with the cosmic energies. It is a study of planetary influences on buildings and the people who live in them, and aims at providing guidelines for proper construction.

Hindus believe that for peace, happiness, health and wealth one should abide by the guidelines of Vaastu while building a dwelling. It tells us how to avoid diseases, depression and disasters by living in structures, which allow the presence of a positive cosmic field.

Since Vedic wisdom is considered to be synonymous with divine knowledge of the cosmic mind obtained by sages in deep states of meditation, Vaastu Shastra or the science of Vaastu is thought to contain the guidelines given by the Supreme Being. Delving into history, we find that Vaastu developed during the period of 6000 BC and 3000 BC (Ferguson, Havell and Cunningham) and was handed over by ancient architects through word of mouth or hand-written monographs.

The principles of Vaastu had been explained in ancient Hindu scriptures like Skanda Purana, Agni Purana, Garuda Purana, Vishnu Purana, Bruhatsamhita, Kasyapa Shilpa, Agama Sastra and Viswakarma Vaastushastra.

The fundamental premise of Vaastu rests on the assumption that the earth is a living organism, out of which other living creatures and organic forms emerge, and so every particle on earth and space possesses ‘live energy’. According to Vaastushastra five elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Air or atmosphere and Sky or space – govern the principles of creation. These forces act for or against each other to create harmony and disharmony. It also says that everything on earth – in some form or other – is influenced by the nine planets, and each of these planets guards a direction. So our dwellings are under the influence of the five elements and the nine planets.

Vaastushastra says that if the structure of your house is so designed that the positive forces override the negative forces then there is a beneficial release of bio-energy, which helps you and your family members to live a happy and healthy life. A positive cosmic field prevails in a “Vaastulogically”  constructed house, where the atmosphere is congenial for a smooth and happy life. Contrary to this, if the same structure is built in a manner that the negative forces override the positive, the overbearing negative field makes your actions, efforts and thoughts negative. Herein comes the benefits of Vaastu, which guides you to have a positive atmosphere at home.

Evidently, Vaastu is akin to the science of geopathy , the study of the diseases of the earth. In both these two disciplines, for instance, the presence of dampness, dressed stones, beehives and anthills are considered harmful for human habitation. Geopathy recognizes that electromagnetic radiations that are cosmic in origin surrounds the globe, and that radiation distortions can make a site unsafe for construction. Geopathic stress may also attack the immune system and cause conditions like asthma, eczema, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome.

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Dr.  Coralie  Srivastava  a  London-based researcher, writer and Vastu advisor.





Dr Coralie Srivastava :

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Vastu Consultancy and Geopathic Stress Rectification

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Are you stressed and anxious without cause? Do you have headaches when waking, disturbed sleep, skin infections, diabetes, blood pressure problems, ADHD, heart or stomach problems, low immunity? Did you recently move, and your married life turn soar leading to divorce? Do you feel a sense of stagnation in your life and profession? Do you suffer from repeated failures and bad luck although you have worked hard?

From personal experience, before I learnt about Geopathic Stress and its rectification, I couldn’t sleep for the night at one stretch. Lack of sleep lead to stress and strain on my body. I gained weight; my BP shot up, my thyroid levels went haywire. My performance suffered at work and my boss started to complain.

I decided that I needed to find the root cause of this stress and eliminate it. By that time, I had studied Vastu Shastra, completed my M.Phil and had been working in Vastu for a number of years. I was well versed in finding the most Vastu perfect property and changing any Vastu Dosh in it using methods taught to me by my lecturer Dr B B Puri and the Vasati Yantra’s of Marcus Schmieke, a scholar in Sanskrit and Vastu Shastra. I was sleeping with my head to the East, in the best room in the house, the furniture had been placed according to the correct Vastu principles, I hadn’t changed my diet or my medication so why was this happening to me. With further study and research I learnt that even though the structural Vastu in the house might be correct and free of Vastu Dosh, i.e. the entrance is in the correct direction, the plot is perfect in shape,there are no cuts or extensions in the property, the toilet and kitchen are in the perfect direction and corner of the house, but if the Geopathic stress lines and negative UV and IR are not balanced, then the Vastu is only 20% effective . These faults can be detected and rectified by using the Universal Scanner devised by Dr. Murthy, a renowned Vastu scientist and scholar.

Using the Universal Scanner, which measures the Geopathic stress and aura energy in the house, I realized that I had been sleeping on a Geopathic stress line and the nodal point of the grid was in the middle of the house, which in Vastu terms, was disastrous because it interfered with the Bramhstan of the house, drawing all the divine energy down into the ground, and the worst part was that the nodal point was 4 meters in diameter and lay towards the east of my bed, so when I slept, the energies interfered in the area around my head, thereby not giving me a peaceful and restful sleep.

With the help of Vastu Shastra principles and the use of the Universal Scanner I was able to change my life and now lead a more active, healthy, peaceful and most important a stress free life!

How can I help you?
If you suffer from any minor or major health problem, and feel that your life is not on track, please give me a call. I will use my Vastu Shastra knowledge with its vast base of remedial Vastu techniques to remove all kinds of  faults and shortcomings in your land, the construction of your property or its interior arrangements as well as the surrounding environment. Using the Universal Scanner I will check the compatibility of the land/house with you, the direction of the entrance, the grids in the house, whether negative or positive. The Universal Scanner scientifically quantifies everything from a human being’s aura, chakras, where his sickness lies, to theVastu defects of a house. It can scan underground water lines that cause Geopathic Stress, which is a great contributor to all kinds of diseases caused by stress, ADHD, Cancer. Geopathic Stress can even lead to divorce!

Wherever possible I will try to apply Vastu Shastra and Geopathic stress and Negative UV and IR rectification remedies without any major structural changes.

I offer a complete package beginning from the choice of the land, Vastu placement advice, Vastu rectification according to your horoscope, scanning the property using the Universal Scanner, rectification of the Geopathic Stress and placement of Yantras, making your house 100% Vastu rectified and Geopathic Stress corrected.


To know more about Vastu Shastra and Vastu Consultants kindly visit at : http://www.coralieenterprises.com

Dr. Coralie Srivastava, a London-based researcher, writer and Vastu advisor has recently received her doctorate degree from the Zoroastrian College on the importance of using the Universal Scanner and Vasati Yantras to obtain optimum health and create a stress free environment and life.

Dr.  Coralie  Srivastava, a London-based researcher, writer and Vastu advisor has recently received her doctorate degree from the Zoroastrian College on the importance of using the Universal Scanner and Vasati Yantras to obtain optimum health and create a stress free environment and life.

She is an expert at counter balancing Geopathic stress and negative energy fields.  She has received an Honorary Doctorate by the Indian Institute of Complementary Medicine for her work in the field of Vastu Shastra and has become a guide and lecturer for the Vastu Research Centre, New Delhi.

Apart from Vastu Shastra, Coralie loves shopping. She loves shopping so much that her boyfriend threatened to cut up her credit cards, so in a move of sheer genius, or so she thinks, she decided to share her addiction with her fellow shoppers!! Enjoy!